Diamonds, Echunga, Design Inspiration Posted by Gerard McCabe on 10/05/2022

Mysterious diamonds and the leafy Adelaide Hills… this is the basis of inspiration for our most mystical collection yet. The Echunga collection features naturally soft hues of green, yellow and pink diamonds, similar to the colours that make the Adelaide Hills so famous. These colours leave a striking impression in your mind. But what makes them so mysterious?

The folklore of the Echunga diamonds, found in Echunga in the late 1800’s, inspired Gerard when he had the opportunity to set eyes on such a rare collection in 1994.

The origin of the Echunga diamonds remains a mystery, as there are no known Kimberlite pipes (which are responsible for the formation of mined diamonds) in the area where they were found.

Approximately 50 saleable diamonds were found at the site, with the largest being the ‘Glover Stone’ named after John Glover who discovered it in 1877.

The gems ranged in colours, with the most memorable being various shades of yellow. The natural variation in colour is caused by different chemical compounds, with the yellow hue caused by small levels of nitrogen. Gerard was privileged enough to be invited by the South Australian Museum to appraise five of the original diamonds. This is what sparked his curiosity and consequently the Echunga Collection.

The Echunga Collection

The Echunga Collection

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From reality to inception, the collection has taken roughly 17 years to perfect. Details and colour was of paramount importance, in an effort to capture the essence and mystery of the original diamonds that Gerard experienced. Good things take time, which is why we didn’t want to rush such a stunning collection. Each set of naturally coloured diamonds has been sourced from the world over, and carefully arranged by Gerard. He wanted to ensure the collection will captivate you as much as the original diamonds captivated him all those years ago.

The Echunga Collection

We hope you are intrigued by the collection just as much as we are! Discover the Echunga Collection, and be captivated by the colours of beautiful coloured diamond gemstones.