Wedding, Design Inspiration, Engagement Rings Posted by Gerard McCabe on 26/07/2017

The story of the Trinity Rose ring is one of inspiration. This engagement ring design, created by head designer Nazanin and the Gerard McCabe design team, draws inspiration both from the romance of a Rose and the natural beauty of the Australian flower Boronia Mollyae.

Inspired from the Australian flower Boronia Mollyae


Boronia Mollyae Artwork by Nazanin

The distinctive pattern details featured on the band are shaped to mirror the elegant lines of rose stems and buds. Roses share a long-standing affinity with love and romance. As such, the design aims to elicit the same emotion you would feel if you were given a rose by your loved one.

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The claws which house the diamonds atop the engagement design accentuate the organic lines featured on the band. The intention of the engagement ring is to be paired with the Trinity Rose wedding band. When together, their individual qualities complement each other upon your finger, much like two people who come together to share their love bring out the best in each other.


Whether set in rose, white or yellow gold, the key to the Trinity Rose is the diamond’s sparkle. Three-stone rings have a special meaning. For some, they represent the many reasons you cherish your relationship together. Others may feel that each stone is a homage to the three people who share your heart - your mother, father and partner.


Elegant and Refined

Nazanin is our lead designer here at Gerard McCabe. With a sophisticated, luxurious style, Nazanin helps Gerard McCabe to create jewellery that you instantly connect with. Nazanin lovingly refers to her designs as her children, all of them are her favourite.

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