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Product Spotlight: One of the rarest diamonds in the world.

Diamonds are mysterious gemstones. Not one diamond is the same as another. They come in many sizes, shapes, colours and with various internal characteristics that make them unique and naturally breathtaking. It’s this beauty and allure that has captivated wearers and collectors for millennia. The most charming of diamonds are of course those we call ‘perfect’ gems. These impeccable diamonds are flawless in their composition, chemically pure and structurally perfect: they are colourless. 

As all polished diamonds are valuable, the dollar value is determined by a gem’s composition. Certain qualities are more rare than others - and thus, more valuable. 

There are international standards and guidelines that establish the quality of any diamond. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) outlined the 4C’s, colour, clarity, cut and carat weight. If a diamond were to be considered perfect, it would need to fulfil GIA’s scale of requirements.


This 1.07carat diamond is as close to perfect as one can expect for a diamond, sitting at a colour D. It is a completely colourless gem. Its clarity is Internally Flawless on the GIA clarity scale. Which means no inclusions are visible in the diamond under 10x magnification.

This diamond has passed the Gerard McCabe strict grading criteria  and is also graded independently by the GIA with a ‘triple excellent’ cut grade, making it one of the most exceptional, and rare gems we’ve had the pleasure to work with.

“Flawless diamonds are very rare - so rare, in fact that it’s possible to spend a lifetime in the jewellery industry without ever seeing one, and they command top prices” - GIA.

Colourless diamonds, like this one, make up less than 1% of the world’s supply of diamonds. Making this diamond a truly magical gemstone for Gerard McCabe. 1.07carats is an impressive weight for such a pure and flawless stone. The rarity of this flawless gem, makes this beautiful, impeccable stone the perfect symbol for your one-of-a-kind love. 

“It doesn’t get any better than this; it’s just perfect” - Gerard McCabe

When talking about this diamond, Gerard spoke about the superb nature of the cut, colour and clarity.

You can’t buy a better diamond ring, this is it. It’s for someone who yearns for the best of everything.”- Gerard McCabe 

To show the true beauty of this diamond, we’ve chosen the Gerard McCabe Classic Engagement Ring setting. This elegant design puts the magnificent 1.07carat brilliant cut diamond on show. And the classic 6-claw setting holding the precious stone, allows the diamond to be the central focus. The simplicity of this ring design also makes it a popular choice for a dress ring or celebration ring. 

The sparkling round diamond is the key feature of the Classic Engagement Ring, as its enduring style is the ultimate sign of one’s elegant taste and sophistication. Its craftsmanship allows for the mix and match of wedding and anniversary rings, allowing you to create your own individual bridal ring set. 

If you’re not after the Classic Engagement Setting, we can craft this exquisite diamond in another Gerard McCabe design, or perhaps you would like to work with our bespoke jewellery designer to create your own unique ring.

Our team at Gerard McCabe are committed to ensuring you are as happy as we are, with this flawless diamond. 

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