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5 Reasons To Choose A Sapphire Engagement Ring

For many diamonds are the obvious choice of stone for an engagement ring. A solitaire claw setting with a platinum band - or a pear cut diamond with a band studded with diamonds, and then a wedding band to match. Diamonds are not the only choice though. Sapphire engagement rings have long been sought after. In this blog, we share some common questions about sapphire engagement rings. 


1. Are Sapphire Engagement Rings Popular?

Sapphires symbolise honesty and wisdom, and were once the preferred gem of medieval royalty and clergy. They have continued to remain a popular choice for modern jewellers, and the British Royal Family following the engagement of the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge. With Kate Middleton wearing Princess Diana’s famous 12 carat sapphire engagement ring, the unique and eye-catching design and gemstone soared in popularity.

Gerard McCabe Aura Classic Sapphire & Diamond Ring

Aura Classic Sapphire & Diamond Ring


Sapphires are popular not only for their natural beauty, but the wide variety of hues available. Of course the deep blue of Kate Middleton’s is the most iconic colour, but a little known fact is that there are some magnificent sapphires that radiate colours like hot pink and yellows - and all colours between.  

When comparing diamonds and sapphires, Diamonds achieve a 10 on the Mohs scale for durability and hardness, with Sapphires sitting at a 9. As Sapphires don’t break easily, chip or damage, and can withstand heat, chemicals and light, they make a perfect daily wear for all sorts of lifestyles.

2. Can a Sapphire be cut in different ways?

Sapphires occur in a rainbow of colour ways, but the shade of blue is both the rarest and most valuable. It’s the richness in colour that is the standout quality of this coloured gemstone.

That being said, unlike diamonds, sapphires do not need to be cut to display more impressive colour or brilliance. No matter the shape of your stone (as long as it’s symmetrical) the colour will remain a consistent sparkle.



Aura Cushion Cut Sapphire & Diamond Ring


3. What price is a sapphire engagement ring?

The price of a sapphire engagement ring depends on the quality and colour of the sapphire, and whether or not diamonds or other gemstones are used. As these rich blue colours are more expensive, sapphires that aren’t blue are a great option if you’re looking for a colourful centre stone but can’t afford to spend big on a yellow or pink diamonds.


Sapphire & Diamond Ring

4. How do you clean a sapphire engagement ring?

Although Sapphires are a durable gem, they still require special care and consideration. It is recommended that you use warm water, mild soap and a soft-bristle toothbrush for everyday cleaning. However, Gerard McCabe recommends bringing in your jewellery for an in-depth professional clean at least every six to twelve months.

If you have an Antique & Period Sapphire piece, it is important you take extra care and due diligence in the cleaning and maintenance of the jewellery. 

5. What colours are sapphires?

Sapphires are available in a rainbow of colours, with the deep blue being the most popular, rarest and valuable.

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