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What to expect from a bespoke design consultation

Sometimes it’s hard finding the perfect jeweled creation. You have a particular style or design in mind and can’t seem to find anything similar. It’s times like this that a bespoke service is essential.

If you’re looking to create something for yourself, if you’ve dreamed of a piece your entire life, or if you’re on the hunt for an engagement ring for that special someone, our bespoke service is for you. Designing your ideal jewellery piece is more than just imagining something in your mind. It needs nurturing, an expert to guide you and transform that dream into a reality. Our senior designer works with you to bring your wildest dreams to life.

Who designs the jewellery at Gerard McCabe and what are their specialities?

Our Senior Designer Nazanin is wonderfully talented, having specialised in several fields including industrial design, and has a Master of Design. With her main passion being jewellery, Nazanin’s eye for colour and design are honed by her fine art training. When sharing her love for collaborative designs, Nazanin describes how “each design is unique, and they are designed with perfection in mind”.

I love working with people and getting to know them; finding out what they like and love. It’s the best feeling in the world when you see people enjoying your designs.”

As a client, what should I expect when I book in for a bespoke appointment?

Nazanin will meet exclusively with you in store to discuss your dreams and hopes for the unique, stunning piece.


 Nazanin will sit and discuss an initial concept with the   client, where you can discuss your hopes and dreams for   the project with no obligation.

 "Our process is different from everywhere else" Nazanin   says.

 During the first consultation, our designer can expertly  guide you through any technical issues. And if both parties are on the same page and the client feels comfortable, further research, design and a quotation will follow.

How long does a consultation take?

It comes down to the individual, with some taking a bit more time and others knowing what they’re after, and are in and out. The answer is: as long as it needs to take.

There’s no pressure from our sales team, or our designer. You are more than welcome to take as much time as you like with our team. 

How much does a bespoke piece usually cost?

A bespoke piece is dependent on the style, gemstone, and intricate details decided by both the customer and Nazanin. 

Bespoke Design Sketch - customer make

What’s does the Bespoke Process include, and how long does it take from start to finish?

Following the initial design consultation, within one to two weeks designs and final quotation are finalised and presented. At the presentation, any modifications are discussed and once in agreeance; production begins - typically a seven-week process.

Once the piece is ready and thoroughly inspected, the piece is ready for the final presentation and the champagne is put on ice!

Nazanin believes that overall the bespoke creations, there’s a 200 per cent success rate, with the extra 100 per cent being for the tears and messages that come from the final product.

“I would say I’m generally designing for adventurous people, and also Gerard McCabe clients who have experienced our exceptional service and products and have built trust with our jewellers over the years”

Our bespoke design service is available for clients who are looking to create their perfect unique new jewellery piece. Or for a customer who has a special piece that they are looking to redesign.

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