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When Is The Right Time To Make An Eternity Ring Purchase?

When Is The Right Time To Make An Eternity Ring Purchase?

This is a question many of our customers ponder, eternity rings are a thoughtful gift for any occasion, depending upon your personal circumstances. Many people choose to celebrate their first wedding anniversary or the birth of their first child with a stunning eternity ring. Another milestone that is often honoured with an eternity ring is a 10 year wedding anniversary.

It may feel like an eternity after the 10-year mark, so it’s important to celebrate with something amazing!

Justin McCabe outlines the latest additions to our Eternity Ring Collection:


Which Shape Will Best Suit Your Current Jewellery Collection?

We're always happy to make some recommendations for you, whether it is something fancy, or something traditional. We can determine what will sit best next to the engagement and wedding set that you have already.

Our Linea collection showcases a range of beautiful eternity rings, to complement our bridal pieces. Our designs embody a selection of round, oval cut and magical emerald cut diamond pieces creating the perfect eternity band. If you have a piece in your jewellery collection that is a fancy shape, we have a design that will perfectly accompany this.

Linea Ring Collection                                                                                             Choose your perfect eternity ring from our Linea ring collection

For those that desire round brilliant cut diamonds, we have spectacular round diamond Linear rings that can be worn with your existing bridal ring collection. If you’d like to explore something a little bit different to be worn on your right hand, we have a magnificent range of options for something that little bit dressier and more intricate in its settings.

Should I choose a full circle diamond ring?

Full circle diamond rings have grown in great popularity over the last few years, being a wonderful sentiment. Exemplifying something special to have as an eternity ring, with no beginning and no end.

All of our Linear rings can be custom made so that they are a full circle, we love good quality diamonds at Gerard McCabe, all of our diamonds are G colour and VS. If you’d prefer diamonds to the vanishing point, we can also custom make a piece to suit your needs.

Add a splash of colour to your jewellery collection with a coloured stone, we create eternity rings with beautiful, natural, bright, vibrant colours, whether it be ruby or sapphire. There has been lots of excitement and energy towards pink gemstones over the past year, with an increased demand for pink diamonds to be worn as part of an eternity ring.

There is something to suit everyone in our Linea range, our collection begins with bands starting at $1,795. We've designed our Linea ring range to sit perfectly next to your bridal set, with a minimal amount of wear. Our Linea ring settings sit low, making them easy to slip under any engagement ring setting.

Bella Diamond Linea Ring

The  Bella Diamond Linea Ring Is a Popular Choice Amongst Our Customers

After you purchase your Linea band we can help you monitor the wear of your ring over time. The bands are available in 18-carat white gold, yellow gold or two-tone. Linea diamond bands can also be custom made in platinum.

When Do I Need To Place My Order?

Three months before your special celebration or anniversary is the ideal time to begin planning your choice of Linea ring. It can take between 8-10 weeks to custom make an eternity ring to your finger size.

If you’ve purchased a ring from us in the past, there’s a good chance that we’ll have your finger size on record. This can come in very handy, especially if you’d like to surprise your partner with a Linea ring for a special occasion.

To keep your jewellery looking its best at all times, we're always available to clean your pieces, and every purchase is covered by our complimentary care plan and lifetime guarantee. Meaning that at six and twelve months after your purchase, we'll get in touch with you, find out if you’re happy with your size, how the fit is, if adjustments need to be made and how the piece is wearing.

We’re more than happy to help you with any of your eternity ring needs, feel free to get in contact with us at either of our diamond boutiques in Adelaide Arcade or Rundle Mall, alternatively, you can make a booking with us online.

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