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Choosing a Florist - With Tynte Flowers

When planning a wedding, flowers and the choice of a florist is often number three on the planning checklist - following the choice of dress and reception venue. Choosing the right florist is imperative - your bouquet choice is going to feature in all your photos for years to come.

The history of flowers in weddings goes back to ancient times. Flower garlands were worn in Ancient Rome and they were a symbol of new beginnings. Herbs and spices were used during the middle ages. These strong smells were thought to keep away bad luck and apparently bad body odour!

The traditional bouquet began to gain popularity after Queen Victoria held a “Tussie Mussie” - filled with Moss and orange blossom. These traditions have been superseded now - with brides opting for colour, flower shape and fragrance.

As part of our Wedding Vendor series we recently spoke with Mel from Tynte Flowers. We had some questions to help Brides and Grooms when choosing a florist for their wedding.

When Brides comes to see you - what are some of the questions they might ask you?

They will generally start with what flowers are in season for their wedding date. They also ask for our ideas or suggestions based on the style of wedding they are having. We will then often do a mockup design of what we suggest.

We also talk about table settings and backdrops. We don’t just provide the flowers for the Bride and bridal party - we assist in the decorating of the whole event - including the church.

bride 2

Photo Credit - Zoe Campbell

How do you differentiate between the Bride's bouquet and the bridesmaid's bouquet?

Usually, the Bride will show us photos or design ideas for the dresses - from there we look at colours to suit. As a general rule of thumb, the Bride's bouquet is brighter than the Bridesmaids.

We are always guided by the style of the dresses though - if the dresses are classic - we offer a classic design with classic flowers.

Where is the best place for a Bride to see Tynte Flowers designs for Brides and Bridesmaids?

Our Instagram account is our portfolio - We often suggest that Brides have a look here to start with - this gives them a feel for some of the designs we make. You can follow them on Instagram here - @tynteflowers

What are some other Wedding Services you offer?

We can be involved with the wedding day from start to finish. We can provide the table centrepieces, Installations of greenery and candles which can help with styling.

Do you make bouquets for flower girls?

We certainly do - although we tend to find that flower crowns are more popular, and well suited to children. Having young ones carry something for long periods can be a lot to ask of them. Flower crowns are just gorgeous.

What’s your advice for couples organising a florist for their big day?

Choose a florist you can trust. Much like choosing your dress designer or photographer - you need to feel comfortable that you can trust your florist.  Also, make sure to do your research - read reviews of the florist online and check their social media channels for feedback.

On the wedding day - How do the logistics of delivery work?

We like to deliver our bouquets to the bride as early as possible. Photographers often want to use them in photos early on in the day.

If we are providing flowers for the church and the reception we work with both venues to have the installation done with plenty of time before the start time of the wedding.


Do Brides shop on a budget?

Yes - generally speaking they do. However, Brides are usually quite realistic and appreciate that they might need to be a little bit flexible. At Tynte Flowers, we are indeed able to work to a Brides budget though - we do everything possible to meet the Brides needs.

Will my flowers need water during the day of wedding?

If it is a very hot day you may want to pop them in a little water between the ceremony and reception. Most bouquets are bound by ribbon so you would only want a small amount of water in the vase as to not soak the ribbon.

What flowers are in season for a winter wedding?

All bulb flowers. Tulips are very popular for wedding bouquet. Our Winter is also European Peony season – Peony Roses are definitely a customer favourite.

What flowers are in season for a summer wedding?

Definitely David Austin roses and Australian Peony Roses!


Are you seeing any trends that are gaining momentum?

Currently, we are making lots of bridal party bouquets based on Native flowers. Beautiful Proteas, King Proteas and Wildflowers are becoming quite popular.

Proposals… we are starting to get enquiries from Men who need flowers or props for Proposals. We recently helped a Groom to be with fresh Rose Petals - he lined the hallway with them and wrote a message on the bed in petals.

How can a Bride get in touch with Tynte Flowers?

You can visit us in our flagship store on O'Connell Street, or call us on 8340 0300. Our website is also an excellent source of inspiration, and we offer a live chat service to answer any question you might have while you are on the site.

During our chat with the team at Tynte Flowers, we learnt some more about this fantastic South Australian owned business.

They have been in business since 1988 and have been owned by the same owner this whole time. Tynte Flowers has a flagship store on O’Connell Street and a warehouse in Hindmarsh.

Tynte Flowers are known for their outstanding customer service, and the understand that weddings are special. The offering from Tynte is a bespoke service - designed to fit the Bride and Groom perfectly. Their staff along with their 2 head designers are able to take the time to create something unique just for them.

Tynte Flowers provide flowers for 20 - 30 Weddings per year.

They have 500 - 600 deliveries for their general flower business per week.

On Valentine's Day alone Tynte Flowers make 1000 - 1200 deliveries, and on Mother's Day that number grows to 2000 deliveries throughout the week.

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