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Why choose tantalum for your Men's wedding ring

Selecting a Wedding Band is an exciting, yet sometimes nerve wracking, experience for Grooms. For many Men, their wedding ring is the first piece of 'real jewellery' they have purchased for themselves. And selecting a ring with as much importance as a wedding band is no easy feat. 

That's where the experienced team at Gerard McCabe come in. We have an extensive range of Men's wedding rings in store and work closely with our Grooms to understand their personal style and budget to help them to select the perfect ring. 

Many Adelaide Grooms are looking for something just that little bit different for their wedding bands. Recently we launched our new Men's Wedding Ring Collection. In this collection we have a range of rings crafted in an exciting new metal: Tantalum. This metal should definitely be on your consideration list, and here's why...

Mens wedding rings in Adelaide

Tantalum Wedding Ring


What is Tantalum?

As one of the world’s darkest naturally occurring metals, tantalum is grey with a brilliant sheen and a blueish tint. As far as Wedding rings go, the colour is quite unique from the traditional gold, platinum and titanium options. 

Tantalum is a dense earth metal with great malleability and a beautiful lustre. Weighing in between gold and platinum, tantalum is known for its durability - making it the perfect choice for a ring you want to last you a lifetime.

Rose Gold Mens Wedding Rings in AdelaideTantalum and Rose Gold Wedding Ring #1849


Why choose Tantalum for your Wedding Ring?

Tantalum is a low maintenance, heat resistant and hard wearing metal.  The density of tantalum makes it both strong and shatterproof. And if you have any metal allergies Tantalum is a good option as it is naturally hypoallergenic.

Tantalum will show natural wear over time, adding to the appeal of this beautiful dark metal.

Diamond wedding rings for men in AdelaideTantalum and Rose Gold Wedding Ring

Tantalum can be mixed with other metals like rose gold, white gold or platinum to create bold wedding ring designs. It can also be enhanced with diamonds.

Tantalum Mens Wedding RingsTantalum and White Gold Wedding Ring #6002

Can Tantalum be engraved?

Tantalum can be engraved with your message of love or wedding date. Engraving is complimentary with every Men's Wedding Ring purchase. 

Our experienced wedding ring consultants would love to show you the Tantalum Men's ring collection in store at either Rundle Mall or Adelaide Arcade. Book a time to discover the range with your fiancé over a glass of champagne. 

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