Diamonds, Engagement Rings, Advice & Information Posted by Gerard McCabe on 13/07/2023

Much like a diamond, you might feel like you’re under a bit of pressure when it comes to popping the question. 

Identifying that vague yet specific ‘look’, utterly ‘her’ and symbolic of ‘you’, sometimes involves piecing together the little things before you can settle on the perfect engagement ring design. Stone, metal, setting, and design - all these you’ll get to know - but today, we’re talking diamond shapes!

ROUND CUT DIAMOND ENGAGEMENT RINGS1) round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring

If one diamond shape boasts the title of ‘most loved’, round brilliant certainly takes the cake. Versatile and timeless, round-cut diamonds dance in the light in a way no other can. Their concentrated shape and complex facet pattern mean that round-cut diamonds have a flash, brilliance, and fire that’s hard to come by in other shapes. To put it simply, a classic round-cut diamond is mesmerising to behold!


2) OVAL cut diamond engagement ring OVAL CUT DIAMOND ENGAGEMENT RINGS

You’re on the hunt for something chic? An oval-cut engagement ring is the way to go! Beyond being the fashionable choice, an oval-shaped diamond ring elongates the finger and draws the eye. With a larger surface area and an elegant appeal, oval has become a celebrity favourite - and perhaps ours too!


MARQUISE CUT DIAMOND ENGAGEMENT RINGS3) marquise cut diamond engagement ring

With an elongated elliptical shape, marquise-cut diamonds have a distinctly long and narrow appearance. Unique among most traditional shapes, marquise engagement rings are a perfect choice for the stylish bride-to-be. 


4) pear cut diamond engagement ring PEAR CUT DIAMOND ENGAGEMENT RINGS

Also known as ‘teardrop’ diamonds, pear-shaped diamonds combine the facets of a round cut and a marquise cut, bringing you both sparkle and personality! This classic yet bold shape is truly eye-catching, so if you’re dreaming of a distinct silhouette, consider pear a worthy contender!


EMERALD CUT DIAMOND ENGAGEMENT RINGS5) emerald cut diamond engagement ring

Another timeless favourite: the sophisticated emerald. Most recognisable for their parallel step-cut facets, emerald-cut diamonds exude Art Deco appeal. A rising star among most diamond shapes due to its large rectangular surface area and slender appearance, this shape has enthralled brides past, present, and future!


6) radiant cut diamond engagement ring RADIANT CUT DIAMOND ENGAGEMENT RINGS

While radiant cut diamonds are often confused with emeralds, they have their own unique characteristics that make them special! Unlike the step cuts used to create emerald-shaped diamonds, radiant cut diamonds combine triangular and kite-shaped facets, which maximises their brilliance. Known unsurprisingly for their ‘radiance’, these rectangular/square diamonds have an intense sparkle that is absolutely magnetic!


PRINCESS CUT DIAMOND ENGAGEMENT RINGS7) princess cut diamond engagement ring

Traditional yet modern and sleek, a princess-cut diamond has sharp corners in an inverted pyramid shape, giving it its square appearance. The chevron facets on the underside of a princess cut give it a similar brilliance to a round-cut diamond, making this shape an ideal choice for the voguish bride-to-be.


8) cushion cut diamond engagement ring CUSHION CUT DIAMOND ENGAGEMENT RINGS

Combining a square/rectangular shape with rounded corners, a cushion-cut diamond has a pillow-like appearance - hence, a ‘cushion’ cut! These diamonds tend to provide more ‘fire’ than other diamond cuts, displaying a variety of colours when viewed from different angles. Because this shape resembles that of an Old Mine Cut, a cushion cut diamond is the perfect choice if you love vintage design! 



Ready to see some of our diamonds up close? Visit us at one of our Gerard McCabe boutiques in Adelaide, and see which shape is your favourite! To learn more about the different types of engagement rings, try our Engagement Ring Style Guide, or our free Introduction to Diamonds e-book!