Firework: A Design by Gerard McCabe

Design Inspiration, Remarkable Rocks Posted by Gerard McCabe on 21/07/2023

It all started with a diamond.

In late 2022, our Design Director Nazanin was given a unique set of natural-coloured diamonds (the largest, in particular, a charming shade of green). Surprisingly, despite their pastel appearance, these calm hues boasted a captivating energy.

Nazanin had her muse, but conjuring a design is never so easy!


Hoping to create an exciting new addition to our Echunga collection, the Gerard McCabe design team set out to craft a piece of custom diamond jewellery that would encompass our passion for natural coloured diamonds, and their wondrous variety. The team, led by Justin McCabe, hand-selected the diamonds for consideration, seeking out the perfect combination of candy-coloured gems. More than anything, this was an exercise in balance and harmony!Firework by Gerard McCabe

Totally mesmerised, Nazanin turned inwards for design inspiration, specifically, to one of her favourite creative forms: music. In her words, “Feeling inspired without [music] is simply impossible.” More often than not, this process of embracing creativity and self-expression, in such a personal way, is exactly what leads to Nazanin’s most profound creations. 

So, in a moment of introspection, aided inevitably by music and a little dance, Nazanin mused over the inner fire and sparkle inherent in all of us. To Nazanin, these modest (yet utterly unique) diamonds spoke directly to the notion of unapologetic self-expression and celebration. Just like a firework, as shown in this piece, each and every one of us has a unique sparkle worth admiring every day.

“Don’t worry if the sky in your life is dark. Trust the sparkle within. I promise you’ll shine brighter.” - Nazanin Mohammedkhani

Inspired by passion, hope, and the magic of self-awareness as a force to rise above and celebrate every success, this Firework design is far more than its impeccable craftsmanship.


Working with our master jewellers, this one-of-a-kind Echunga design came to life! Arranged like the burst of a firework, the cluster of diamonds radiate out from the ring's centre stone: a ‘sea foam’ green, 1.01ct, oval-cut diamond. This mixture of white and coloured diamonds (which bring the total weight to 2.77ct) are set upon the ring’s 18ct gold triple row band, designed to give the impression of a firework shooting up and into the sky.

Firework by Gerard McCabe



An homage to the wonder of natural coloured diamonds, the Firework ring is the latest addition to the Gerard McCabe Echunga collection. The growing collection is inspired by the mystery surrounding the diamonds found in the town of Echunga in the Adelaide Hills, during the gold rush of the 1850s. In Echunga, we create one-of-a-kind designs using a combination of natural coloured diamonds, balanced in such a way as to create a truly unique piece.

Thanks to the tremendous skill of our award-winning team, from diamond selection and concept to the ring's final design and craftsmanship, we are thrilled to introduce this latest addition! Learn more about the inspiration for the Echunga Firework design here.

This ring is currently available for purchase in-store at Gerard McCabe Jewellers in Adelaide, South Australia, and online. 

In the words of the designer herself: discover your own hidden power, and catch a glimpse of our highly anticipated and latest Echunga design: Firework.

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