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Jewellery to turn heads this Spring Racing Carnival

It’s time to welcome back the frivolity of fillies and frocks, as Spring Racing returns for 2017 with a flourish. Long afternoons of champagne, entertainment and the exhilaration of the race are ahead, and the focus on fashion is as fierce as ever. 

Shoulder details, Whimsical ruffles and Top to Toe Florals - Spring Racing 2017 Trends

Early trend forecasts suggest that shoulder details, whimsical ruffles, top-to-toe florals and woven accessories are going to drive the Fashions In The Field runways for the coming months. That’s plenty of hours hunting through stores ahead.

But if you're serious about turning heads, we’ve got the perfect jewellery picks to set chins wagging and ensure that extra sparkle:

Shoulder Details
Your outfit is going to place extra emphasis upon your collarbone and neckline. A square-set dress line can be softened by a round pendant, while a bright spring colour palette can be accentuated by yellow gold and gemstones.


Gerard McCabe Enchanted Pendant.jpg

Gerard McCabe Enchanted Pendant

Gerard McCabe Echunga Foreshaw Pendant.jpg

Gerard McCabe Echunga Foreshaw Pendant

Top-to-toe Floral
The quintessential spring look blossoms once again, and the options seem endless. As florals lend themselves to bold, bright designs you’ll want to ensure your jewellery does the same.


Gerard McCabe Mother Earth Flower Necklet




Whimsical Ruffles
Ruffles are about movement and texture. Anything that’s billowing will be especially eye-catching as you move. Your jewellery should be no different and look to draw the eye to the piece.


Gerard McCabe Oriental Pendant


Gerard McCabe Enchanted Garnet Ring

Woven Accessories
Fashion designers have always drawn inspiration from natural textures such as weaves and grasses. Much in the same way, jewellery designers have often looked to pay homage to the curves and textures of Mother Nature.
Gerard McCabe Fleur de Lis Leaf Ring


Gerard McCabe Enchanted Necklet


The Classic Racing Look
If you’re not about the trends, but rather that classic opulent black dress and bold sunglasses beneath your hat, you’ll want the accessories that are simply elegant, classic and sophisticated.


Gerard McCabe Luminosity Leaf Earrings


Gerard McCabe Luminosity Leaf Pendant



Gerard McCabe Chic Timepiece

Delight in the joy of the season and always show your best assets off during this Spring Racing Carnival. Remember, while it may be about the race, if you’re out there nailing the trends and dazzling with your jewels then the crowds will always have their eyes firmly fixed on you.

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