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Design Feature - Aria Engagement Ring

Gerard McCabe’s Aria Engagement Ring is a beautiful feminine design, perfect for the love of your life. Whether you’re on the hunt for something truly breathtaking, or are struggling to find that ideal solitaire diamond, the Aria might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Crafted in glistening 18ct white gold, each Aria Engagement Ring incorporates a central diamond, only enhanced by the gemstones that run along the band. The shimmering twist that this ring incorporates makes for a unique take on the classic solitaire design.

Nazanin our Senior Designer believes this ring is a true representation of the quality craftsmanship Gerard McCabe Jewellers achieves.

The setting has very feminine curves, allowing for an elegant and sophisticated engagement ring. These fine, intricate details are exclusive to Gerard McCabe - Nazanin

We sat down with Michael from our Rundle Mall Boutique, who showed us and described the true beauty behind this design. Michael has sold numerous Aria Engagement Rings, and loves the elegant, feminine design of this breathtaking Gerard McCabe creation.

This is a solitaire which just does that little bit more - Michael

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Aria Engagement Ring

What’s to love about the Aria Engagement Ring?

It’s a beautiful ring, the ‘Cinderella Ring’ as described by Michael.

“It will surprise you, as it does us, every time we look at it. In most other rings, there’s a lot more material involved. But the Aria is just about the diamonds, which sit elegantly on the finger.”

Michael goes on to describe the Aria’s versatility for any woman, whether it be worn as an engagement ring or breathtaking dress ring.

“It’s the ideal ring for a woman in love. Someone who is classic and very focused on having that one beautiful, standout diamond.”

You just can’t replicate this ring- Michael

A favourite story to share?

We asked Michael about his favourite story associated with the Aria Engagement Ring and he simply couldn’t decide.

“Everyone who purchases the Aria Engagement Ring, or any of Gerard McCabe’s breathtaking diamond creations, has a special story. I’ve sold this particular design to a few people, and each one is a great, enchanting, magical story - that deserves to be shared.”

“The important thing is that whenever someone comes back for our Care Plans, they’re loving the Aria Ring more than ever.”  

Which is the best wedding band to match?

“It has to be the Aria Linea Ring. It’s a perfect match; a match made in heaven. This is one of the strongest selling points we have, all our engagement rings have in place a matching wedding band that sits perfectly alongside.”

Michael reiterates that it doesn’t have to be the only band the couple choose. “But it’s important to know there is a perfect one available with every Gerard McCabe Engagement Ring.


Aria Engagement Ring

An engagement is a special time in every couple’s life, and the ring that represents this milestone should not be chosen lightly.

With the help of Adelaide’s diamond specialists, you’ll choose a diamond that is as unique and beautiful as the love between you and your partner. Although Michael has a love for the Aria Engagement Ring, he knows the quality and elegance of each and every Gerard McCabe Engagement Ring and would be happy and honoured to help you in your decision.

Explore the designs at our Rundle Mall and Adelaide Arcade boutiques today and discover your dream ring.

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