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Jewellery Checklist For Your Special Day

Is your wedding fast approaching? As your special day draws closer, it’s important to consider your jewellery, and what may need to be done to ensure it’s ready for your nuptials. You may have the dress, venue, flowers and cake organised, but your jewellery is just as important. It’s the finishing touches that need some attention as well.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a helpful checklist that will pinpoint what needs to be done to ensure your day runs as smoothly as possible…

4-6 Months Out

Our team at Gerard McCabe encourages all brides and grooms to order their wedding rings around four to six months before the big day. Since many require a few weeks for manufacture and delivery, it’s important you get in ahead of time to avoid delays. 

4 Months Out

Looking for a way to add a sentimental touch, wedding band engraving provides added personal value to the ring. These few words are special, and should be well thought out. Discover some unique and classic engraving options for your wedding bands.

2-3 Months Out

Many brides and grooms choose to share a small token of gratitude with their bridal party. It’s these special tokens that are truly appreciated, especially given the help and guidance they offer in the lead up to the nuptials. These gifts can be anywhere from beautiful earrings or pendants, to the classic timepiece for the groomsmen. Gerard McCabe has long been involved in the engagement and wedding industry, holding a wide variety of bridesmaids and groomsmen gift selections.

1-2 Months Out

It’s always good to give yourself some time to decide what jewellery you’ll wear on your special day. For the bride, you can choose to keep it classic with a beautiful set of diamond earrings, or maybe you want the WOW factor and will choose costume jewellery. Whichever way you’re leaning, it’s important to allow yourself some time and consider what would best suit the dress you have chosen. For the groom, you may consider adding a stylish watch, cufflinks, tie pin or more to your complete your look.

At the same time, it’s important to think about what your bridesmaids will be wearing, along with the groomsmen.

Gerard McCabe - Luminosity Classic South Sea Pearl Earrings - KiraGerard McCabe Luminosity Leaf Earrings

1-2 Months Out

The traditional saying is ‘something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue’, and whether you’re looking to incorporate one of each into your day, then you’ll need to organise it. Maybe a family heirloom will do the trick for the something old category. If that’s the case, consider getting it cleaning or restored. This will require some time and attention to detail. As for something borrowed, why not ask your Mum, Aunty or a dear friend for a small token to wear on the day. It’ll only add to the importance of the festivities.

1 Month Out

Jewellery cleaning, can be valuable for everyone in the family and bridal party. In the weeks leading up, it might be worthwhile following up with everyone and seeing if any cleaning, or small repairs are required. We offer a free in store cleaning service, why not pop past with your bridesmaids or Mum and let us clean everyone's rings as part of your pre-wedding pampering and planning catch ups.

The Week Before

In the week leading up to the special day, consider the way in which the wedding rings will be presented. Do you need a box? Ring bearer cushions? These are all small details that can add a classic, elegant touch to the ceremony.

Besides those details, it’s important to consider your engagement ring. Does it need to be cleaned or rhodium plated? This service allows the ring to truly sparkle on the day. And rhodium plating can assist in ensuring the colour of the gold remains as it was the day your partner popped the question.

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The Day Of

When the special day arrives there’s a few things you should consider in regards to your jewellery…

  • Will you wear your engagement ring on your right-hand, or will your Maid Of Honour wear it until you exchange wedding bands. You can put it back on for your photos with the wedding certificate but it’s while you exchange vows and rings that the engagement ring should be placed somewhere safe.
  • If you’re changing wedding dresses for the reception, will your jewellery remain the same? If not, consider leaving the ceremony jewellery in a safe location, easily retrievable or with someone you can trust.

After The Wedding

Following the wedding and honeymoon, if your rings were purchased from Gerard McCabe, you’ll receive a care-plan. Within this care-plan are six and twelve month complimentary in store cleans for your rings. Our team will also offer some advice and guidance when it comes to maintaining your bridal ring set - to ensure the sparkle lasts forever.

And don’t forget to add the eternity ring when you celebrate your first anniversary!  

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Gerard McCabe Jewellers are the specialists in diamond engagement rings and wedding rings in Adelaide.

We create beautiful ladies wedding rings, men’s wedding rings, classic engagement rings and dress ring designs.

We can create bespoke tailored rings to fit your specifications. So pop into one of our jewellery stores in Adelaide for your dream ring consultation.