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Vintage Diamonds You Are Sure To Love

Evoking notions of romance and whimsy, vintage diamonds have that little bit of something extra special about them.
Steeped in history and beautifully set, vintage diamonds are highly sought after. We are fortunate to have some vintage diamond pieces in our vintage and antique jewellery collection.
Gerard McCabe is a specialist in Antique diamond jewellery. We are always on the hunt for special diamond pieces to add to our collection. Here are some of our favourite vintage diamond pieces:

The Vintage Platinum Diamond Spray Brooch has to be one of Gerard McCabe’s favourite diamond pieces. Crafted with over 60 individual diamonds in an impressive spray design. As the light catches this vintage diamond brooch, you’ll see something new and interesting. More than 6 carats of diamonds have been used in the creation of this diamond brooch. You can discover more about this piece in our Adelaide Arcade Antique jewellery collection.

Vintage Patinum Diamond Spray Brooch - Gerard McCabe

Gerard McCabe’s Edwardian Diamond Earrings  embody the nature of the early 20th century. Crafted in platinum, the centre diamond is surrounded by a collection of smaller diamonds. Elegant and timeless, the incorporation of more than 20 diamonds, only add to the allure of these classic Edwardian earrings. Fall in love with these antique earrings at our Adelaide Arcade diamond boutique.


Art Deco was an impressive time for design, with Gerard McCabe’s range of early 20th century antique diamond jewellery, a testament to this period.

Take for example this Art Deco Diamond and Ruby Ring , crafted in platinum and featuring geometric shapes, captured beautifully by the use of rich red rubies and glistening diamonds. This dress ring features a spiral design, popular at the time.


There’s also this impressive Art Deco Diamond Cluster Ring. With an impressive Early European cut central diamond, the use of smaller diamonds only complements the beauty of this centre gem. Discover this ring in our Melbourne Antique Jewellery Collection.


As with modern contemporary jewellery, diamonds have long been a wonderful addition to your jewellery collection.

If you would like to view our Antique and Vintage collection online - you can do so here.

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