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Introducing the 2020 Men's Wedding Ring Collection

Gerard McCabe are excited to introduce our new Men's wedding ring collection. With over 50 new designs and a range of metal options, this new collection offers Adelaide's Grooms impressive choice when searching for a wedding ring to suit their personal style.

Offering a mix of modern, classic and masculine designs, Gerard McCabe's 2020 wedding ring release has something for everyone. 

When it comes to selecting a man’s wedding ring we have all the classics covered plus some exciting bold designs. - Justin McCabe.


What designs are in the range?

The 2020 collection of men's wedding rings includes a wide variety of ring options. The collection features both classic wedding ring designs with traditional finishes and a selection of modern patterns, metals and colour combinations. We have a wide range of diamond set men's rings on offer as well.

What metals are available in the Wedding Ring Range?

The 2020 Men's wedding ring collection offers a wide choice when it comes to selecting the metal for your wedding band. We offer traditional wedding ring metals such as gold, silver and platinum as well as the unique metals of palladium, titanium and tantalum. Each metal has its different benefits. For example: titanium is incredibly hard and strong wheras tantalum offers a unique deep grey/blue colour. Our experienced wedding ring consultants can help you to determine the best metal choice for your lifestyle and wedding budget.

Can I have my wedding ring engraved?

Yes. When you order a ring from the 2020 collection of men's wedding rings engraving is complimentary. 

The new men's wedding ring collection is quite extensive and is best viewed in store so that our experienced consultants can take you through all of the options and find the perfect ring to suit all your preferences. 

Here are a few of our favourite designs from the collection:

Yellow and White Gold Ring

Effortlessly stylish, this wedding ring features an offset yellow gold band and brushed finish. Multi-coloured metal designs can be a great way to compromise with your Bride if you want to incorporate an element of "matching" into your rings. Here the Groom has a unique ring whilst also incorporating the gold colour that matches his Bride's wedding band. 

Rose Gold and Diamond

Why should the Bride have all the diamonds? This design elegantly incorporates a little bit of sparkle into the men's wedding ring. We love the rose gold central line as well. Rose gold has become a popular colour with stylish Grooms in recent times.

Textured Wedding RingAdd some texture! This men's wedding ring design features a unique hammered texture. You could customise this ring in titanium, an exceptionally strong metal, to match the boldness of this design.

Each of the new rings in our collection also features a soft velvet curve on the inside of the band.

Our velvet inner fit is popular for comfort and feel, especially with gentlemen who haven’t worn a ring before. - Justin McCabe.



Bold Diamond Ring Finally, this is the men's wedding ring that has it all. Strong, masculine lines and a bold addition of diamonds. Why not customise this ring in platinum for a truly impressive wedding band!

To discover the new range of Wedding Rings at Gerard McCabe Jewellers book a consultation at our Adelaide Arcade or Rundle Mall boutiques or discover more about this collection on our website.

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